Steve Bannon (in a previous life, obviously) told Americans, “Every person should get down every night and thank God that Donald Trump is president of the United States.”

One can respond to that statement at any of a number of levels, and agree or disagree with Bannon’s statement for reasons that may seem obscure. I am indeed thankful for some of the changes that Trump has brought about – opposition to AGW, encouragement of capitalism, getting real about Islam’s role in global terror, and the Jerusalem issue, as examples – but I am still left wondering whether the socio-political cost of having Trump in the White House is worth it in the long haul. What I fear is that these worthy causes are going to have their chances of ultimate success spoiled by the Trump association. I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like Trump as a person, and frankly, I think he has some pretty serious psychological issues that make him ill-suited for the job of successfully promoting and sustaining the policy initiatives with which he has branded himself.

The importance to mankind, and therefore to the planet, of extinguishing the Climate Change politic, of elevating the general standard of living through unfettered market forces, of understanding the threat posed by theocratic imperialism, etc., should not be underestimated if we want a better world for our progeny. But heck, the weight on my shoulders is the gravity of having to decide whether Trump is too high a price to pay for those ideals.

Right now, I still believe that the benefits will ultimately outweigh the costs of having a five watt bulb in a hundred watt socket, that by some deficiency of mental process somehow thinks it is brighter than the rest. Will the size of the button determine the outcome?

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