Fake news – a new buzz term in a cowardly new world.
Aka acting on headlines.

Fake news – designed to deceive.

Real news is factual reporting; opinions are checked.

Facts do not depend on authority or consensus.

Fake news is not limited to social media. Both the current US President and the President-elect have spread fake news. In my experience, so have CNN, Sky News, and BBC World News. The President saying, “97% of scientists agree…” is fake news (they do not); CNN or someone on FB reporting that “The President said that 97% of scientists agree…” is technically not fake news (he did say that) but the spreaders share culpability for propagating the fake news meme.

5 comments on “Fake News

  1. Steve Garcia

    Odd that you would single out only that 97% claim and not also specifically include any of the proliferation of fake news from RT News and from websites on the right…

    Tsk tsk tsk…

    Obama didn’t originate that 97% claim. It came from his advisors and at least has SOME actual scientific people who agree with it (though I fervently do not – see http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303480304579578462813553136, for example – Roy Spencer is a very sober scientist.).

    Fake news as we are seeing it has basically NO basis in fact and is just radical people (I would prefer to use the term “idiots”, but I won’t) throwing total bullshit around. That is a far cry from the 97% claim.

    Comparing the 97%, backed at least by SOME scientists, to the made-up diarrhea flooding the internet is a false comparison, Hilton.

      1. Steve Garcia

        Au contraire, Hilton. Brevity is as nothing. The devil is so often in the details. And first of all, I found a way around it, so what’s the point or Trump wall? A Twitter 140-character limit?

        As an engineer I know full well that simplicity may suit Occam, but Occam is misunderstood and simplicity in solving reality problems a mirage. Compound and complex are more the reality, even when we start out with a simple seed of an idea. Things DO get more complex. Even in such places as comment streams.

        That’s why demagogues’ spiels are sucker jobs: Simple answers to complex questions win over simple minds but solve nothing and actually ADD to the problems, not solve them. All those sloppy-thinking simple minds solve nothing.

        I WANT to add that that’s why Einstein’s simplistic mind experiments have led everyone so far astray, ala P.T. Barnum or Trump, in your beloved physics, but that would be hubris on my part, since I certainly don’t have all the answers, either. (Not that Albert wanted to lead anyone astray, though…)

  2. Steve Garcia

    BTW, Hilton, if you have any control over it, the “timed out” setting for comments could use 10 or 20 minutes added to it. Even that 200 word comment above triggered a “Timed out” block on the comment.

    1. Skywalker Post author

      I had to chuckle, Steve. It seems there’s method in my madness after all 🙂

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