We live in a dynamic and violent universe, and the emissaries of time gone by lie scattered in their trillions throughout the Realm. They are part of a cosmic archive, a virtual treasure chest of secrets waiting to be explored. A seemingly endless array of lights from prehistory fills the heavens, and the better we look, the more astounding the scene becomes. There is unity to the cosmos. For those with eyes and ears to take it in, it is awesome. The truth that is common to all of us, every single one of us, is what I call the X-Stream, and in the pages that follow, I will attempt to describe that truth. In doing so, I have unilaterally decided where the boundary between fact and fiction lies.

The world I speak of is a real world, and my rewards would be boundless if its natural philosophy earned the right to be called reality physics. We seek the truth for this world, not another, imagined world. You might argue that this world too is imagined; I counter that at least we can interact with this one, and that is why I declare it the ground of my science. No matter what you believe, whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, or Satanist; you can be Christian, Jain, or Jew, it matters not. You are affected by gravity. Quite irrespective of your belief system, or whether you believe even in gravity itself, it affects you. You can call it by another name, give it characteristics to suit your mood, or deny that it ever was; it doesn’t make the slightest difference. You and I are gravity’s subjects, along with every other item of mass on the planet Earth and beyond. This is true for both of us, and it is a truth that does not depend in any way on our individual or collective state of consciousness. We are, whether we think so or not.

We are inspired to continue our search for scientific answers to the secrets of the Realm by the obvious presence of an orderly universe. There is a rational backbone to the screaming rollercoaster of our infinitely mutating cosmic theme park; there is something for us to work out, and thank heavens it is a supremely logical “something”, because that means we can work it out. We are equipped, with no credit to ourselves, to analyse any logical structure. It would appear that people are the recipients of visions, and that this process is random. No special qualities are prerequisite, either of the receiver or the received. The manifestation of genius is in the projection of those visions, the spawning of new associations of ideas, and in the contemplation of new ground provided the four walls of reason confine it. It is all too easy to lay claim to the abstract, and to propose the impossible as a solution that those others of us, mere mortals, could never comprehend. Subversion of reality is scientific deception, and all it does is publicise daydreams.

The mystery of infinity baffles us; we just can’t seem to get our finite thinking around the inescapable fact that time and space are unending, that to try to measure the total of things is futile. It’s awesome and somewhat humbling to look up at the night sky and try to get a handle on it, to try to grasp the sheer magnitude of the known universe, and to digest that what is known is only one infinity’th part of what there is to know. And if that is driving you nuts, wait until we go the other way and look within. The crazy, soft-focus choreography of particles at subatomic level challenges the very basis of conventional logic, and turns some pretty established fundamentals of physics right on their heads.

But for countless millions throughout history, it appeared there was a way out—Theism, the concept of God, and the multitude of philosophies and dogmas that go with it. From the earliest times of man’s existence, he has left us signs of his relationship with a higher power, that divine creative force known in English as God, in Hindi as Bagwan, in Zulu as Nkulunkulu, and in Arabic as Allah. Religions formed around secular societies, often blended with cultural observations, and seem without exception to have had one pervasive effect: The division and separation of humanity into ideological camps, one against the other, and each in its own way encouraging social chauvinism to the detriment of any other. Even within the broad sweep of major global religions, people divide themselves even further into sects and on into cults. Sociologically, this trend is characterised by increasingly bizarre behaviour and withdrawal from mainstream society. The adherents of cults isolate themselves from non-cultists more and more until their fervour transcends the rational. How sad were the mass suicides of the last decade or two; in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, charismatic cult leaders brought about a change so profound in their followers’ thinking that they could be persuaded to take their own lives, en masse, in the name of salvation and truth.

Even sadder are the human bombs. The power of unbridled ideology has swept people into crazy, suicidal acts of terror that defy the instinct for self-preservation and turn living, breathing human beings into lethal, self-destructing devices for the promotion of ideals.
People everywhere seem to have at least one common trait: The desire to transcend the mundane. They try to do this in myriad ways—drugs, religion, physical dominance, spiritual devotion, material debauchery, you name it, someone’s doing it to feel special. But there is another way: Something that wells up from within and stretches without fear of contradiction to our very own Event Horizon.

Come with me.

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  1. Hilton

    I need to clarify something: My thesis does not oppose evolution. What I’m saying is that evolution cannot commence from zero. That is quite impossible. Any process whatsoever must commence from a threshold containing the properties of the process. In biological evolution, the process depends critically upon genetic code. Therefore the gene preceded the process. It was not the product of the process, because the process is impossible without it. The evolution of the Universe described in Big Bang Theory would have had to proceed from a design paradigm existing at some non-zero and non-trivial threshold.
    Make sense?

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