How cold is it? CNN, through their global warming campaigner Derek Van Dam and his acolyte Christiane Amanpour, remain blithely stuck in their “the-sea-is-rising-and-we-must-tell-the-king” groove, no matter what happens in the real world

So, according CNN, how cold is it?

*Cold enough for the Calgary zoo to move their penguins indoors;
*Cold enough for sharks to freeze to death – three were washed up on the Cape Cod coast;
*Cold enough to issue a snow warning to Florida!

Well? How do they explain that? Easy. It’s just weather. It’s not a sign of things becoming colder, it’s just weather.

Ok, I agree. It is just weather. The question that must follow is “when you (CNN and IPCC and fanclub) talk about forest fires in California, and hurricanes in the Mexican Gulf, and a hot spell in Ethiopia, why don’t you call that ‘just weather'”?

There has to come a time, surely, when the sheer incomprehensible stupidity of most of the AGW arguments is exposed for what it is. The real tragedy is that by then, the world will have spent trillions on tilting at windmills, at the expense of the broad mass of humanity simply trying to make a living or doing their homework by candle light.

The IPCC should be made to atone for it.

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