From: Stephen J Crothers, Associate Editor, Progress in Physics.

Dear Concerned Scientists and Thinkers,
The Austrian Bundeskanzler (Federal Chancellor), Werner Faymann, has reversed the decision of Austria’s Minister for Science, Johannes Hahn, and committed Austria to further funding of the LHC at CERN. Austria was threatened by CERN that if it withdrew funding it would have to pay 100 million Euros, allegedly because Austria signed a contract to fund for 54 years and so far has funded for 50 years; the said 100 million is a penalty charge. Thus, notwithstanding the demonstrable falsehood of the alleged ‘scientific’ objectives of the LHC, and based upon a set of claims that completely ignores all the facts that invalidate those claims, the ‘scientists’ at the LHC will continue to fleece the public purse to the tune of many more millions of Euros, lining their pockets with gold, producing nothing of scientific worth for the expense, plunging science ever deeper into the abyss of intellectual decrepitude in which in now languishes.

In the overt list of recipients of this email, Prauss and Schott are LHC ‘scientists’ who have, amongst other fallacious claims, waxed lyrical about nonsensical black holes at the LHC; Schliesselberger a Salzburg newspaper reporter; R. Naeye the editor of Sky & Telescope; R. Highfield the editor of New Scientist.

Stephen J. Crothers
Assoc. Editor Progress in Physics

To: Stephen J. Crothers, Associate Editor, Progress in Physics.

Dear Stephen,
Congratulations on once again carrying the torch for sensible science. May I reproduce your letter in full in my monthly astrophysical column “Breaking News”?

Kind regards, Hilton

Dear Hilton,

By all means, please feel free to use my letter to Minister Hahn as you see fit.

Kind regards, Steve.

To: Minister Johannes Hahn.

Dear Sir,

I have learnt that you have, on behalf of the Austrian Government, recently advised your counterparts in other countries participating in the funding of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, that Austria will spend no further money on the project. I wish to convey my wholehearted support for the Austrian decision. The LHC has been from its outset a vast and vulgar waste of public money.

The LHC scientists have, in my view, led astray politicians and the general public alike, by making demonstrably false claims for this project and deceiving all and sundry with beguiling appeals to the fantastic. Many LHC scientists have claimed, for instance, that they will create with their contraption, mini or micro black holes, and ‘recreate’ the initial conditions of their alleged Big Bang cosmology. These claims are unscientific and demonstrably false.

It is also claimed by the same scientists that they hope to find the Higgs boson. But it is well known to scientists that the previous particle collider at CERN far exceeded the theoretical energies at which the Higgs mechanism is supposed to manifest. As with black holes and big bangs, the search for the Higgs boson is a search for phantasmagoria. The only firm result that the LHC will produce is long-term employment by sinecure for its personnel, all at the expense of the public purse.

I have been informed that the Austrian LHC scientist, Dr. Felicitas Pauss, recently received an Austrian medal for scientific achievement. No doubt she will urge Austrian reconsideration of its decision to withdraw from further funding of the LHC. I have little doubt that such pleadings will be rather one-sided in that the scientific evidence that demonstrates the invalidity of the claims made for the LHC will not be presented, as usual. Indeed, I sent Dr. Pauss some time ago a copy of a paper I presented at a conference in Munich in March 2009, convened by the German Physical Society, wherein I demonstrated that black holes, big bangs and Einstein gravitational waves are all fallacious, being the products of erroneous mathematics and misapplication of physical principles. Dr. Pauss ignored this paper, despite invitation to comment.

Of course, these irrefutable facts are not welcomed by those who make their livings by searching for and theorising about such phantasms; and ignorance has evidently now become a useful scientific method. But the facts are what they are, despite all attempts to suppress them; and suppression is indeed routinely practiced in the circles of ‘science’.

My Munich paper is attached for your information, although I understand that your office has previously acquired this paper from other sources. A variation of this paper I will personally present at a conference later this month at a university in the USA and at a conference later this year in Europe, following which I will give lectures, again by invitation, at a major European university. I have also received invitations to present related papers later this year in Kiev (Ukraine) and Calcutta (India) on these matters. It is noteworthy too that despite almost daily claims now for their discovery, the truth is that nobody has ever found a black hole, which astrophysical scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics recently admitted, as reported in my aforementioned paper. Einstein gravitational waves too have never been found.

The search for black holes, Einstein gravitational waves, and remnants of the alleged Big Bang, are all destined to detect nothing because they are all demonstrably false concepts. Contemporary physics has exceeded the bounds of stupidity itself, and it has done so with concomitant extravagant spending from the public purse. It is high time that this indecency be brought to an end. Austria’s decision to cease further funding of the LHC circus is most definitely the right one.

Yours faithfully, Stephen J. Crothers.
Associate Editor, Progress in Physics.

Dear Stephen,

You may bring this message to the attention of the Austrian ministers, if you wish. They have proceeded correctly and responsibly.

Best Regards, Marian Apostol
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Atomic Physics, Magurele-Bucharest

To: Science Minister Johannes Hahn.

Dear Sir,

Appended below is an email from Professor Marian Apostol, in support of the Austrian decision, which he suggested I forward to you.

Yours faithfully, Stephen J. Crothers.

Dear Sirs,

People at LHC declare that one of their biggest goals is the understanding of the quark-gluon plasma, which would reproduce the original Big Bang. They claim that this is a big issue, and have consumed a great deal of money in the past ten years for studying it. Of course, they have not solved the problem and are asking for more funding. Judging by the quality of the people around me who are participating in LHC I can say truthfully that LHC is a lie, as are many other big international “research” projects. Among others, the LHC is the originator of the GRID concept, another great roguery.

Such projects may be useful for developing technical skills or products, like electronics, engineering, materials, etc., of practical and social utility, for ensuring jobs, perhaps socially useful, but they should not do that in the name and disguise of scientific research. Genuine scientific research is thereby eliminated and destroyed by such practices.

I have presented my paper on the quark-gluon plasma at a public seminar on my campus here at Magurele-Bucharest. Though it attracted a lot of local interest, do you think that the “LHC experts” have shown the slightest sign of interest? Not in the least. They are not interested in science; they are interested in their own purse, to fill it from public money. This is indeed a shame!

Best regards, Marian Apostol
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Professor Apostol is indeed a distinguished scientist. He has published 25 science textbooks and over 300 papers, and received awards and medals from the four corners of the globe. His achievements are vast, simply too much to even summarise here. Visit his website http://www.theory.nipne.ro/ and see for yourself.

Stephen Crothers is an Australian mathematician who has provided proof, without rebuttal, that Black Holes are in both theory and practice impossible.

2 comments on “Pearls Before the Swine…

  1. James F. Evans

    I have read your work with interest. I’m convinced you are on the right track and I subscribe to the Plasma Universe paradigm.

    I also, firmly agree with your questioning of General Relativity. In the beginning GR may have helped Man articulate physical relationships in space (so may have served a useful purpose at one time), but now it is clear that GR and the many corollaries it has spawned has retarded and clouded the minds of a vast majority of scientists by locking them into a rigid mental framework that has nothing to due with matching theory with reality.

    Instead, protecting dogma is high on the agenda and self-justification for the prevailing group-think status quo.

    The resistence to new ideas supported by valid scientific observation & measurement is quite strong judging by my experience with followers of the current gravity dominated paradigm.

    Keep up the good fight and it is nice to know that at least some astronomers follow the evidence to wherever it leads, instead of rigidly defending dogma or “mouthing it” to get published in peer-reviewed journals.

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