Socks cover

Photo: How many more sleeps? :D

10 comments on “Socks cover

  1. admin Post author

    It’s Sock n Roll, baby, Sock n Roll!

  2. Matt Terry

    You’re a man after my own mind, I worried that your blog wasn’t being updated, perhaps you were ill, that there’d be no more books from your extraordinarily honest self! Glad to see I was wrong!
    R.I.P Chip Arp!

    1. Skywalker Post author

      Thank you, Matt. Socks will be released to the printers in a matter of days.

    2. Bill White

      You can say that again if only we had more heresy like Hilton Ratcliff, and yes Chip Arp and some others as well

  3. Chris Reilly

    Keep it up as well as your socks . Are smoking socks addictive .

  4. Asit Choudhuri

    Your book on “Socks” is great. I`m reading it slowly to get the best of it. I am “conervative anarchist” , sceptical of theories, don´t believe in the BIg Bang, nor Plate tectonics, but I am a geologist all the same – more interested in rocks and minerals and geological processes. I got the tip on your book from a colleague in the Physics Dept., Prof. André Assis.

    1. Skywalker Post author

      Dear Asit,
      Thank you for your kind words on Socks. Please send Prof Assis my best regards.
      Best wishes, Hilton

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