Online Discussion of Neutron Repulsion Energy

Dear Oliver, friends,

I’m an interested observer of this discussion, and look at it through the lens of physics (oh how I envy chemists that freedom to practice their art without strictures of meta-geometrical topology that afflict extra-terrestrial physics. Imagine if we tried to discuss chemical reactions in varying space curvatures).

For some years now, Oliver and I have collaborated on a Solar System model that aligns with conventional chemistry and physics rather than opposes them. Thus, we have an explosive progenitor in the form of an iron-rich supernova. Isotope sequences put that event at ~4.5GYA. That much is empirically verifiable, and is no longer controversial in the mainstream. What happens next is where physics and consensus depart each other.

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The 12 Steps

What is this blog about? Let me state some assumptions that I make, and you are welcome to comment.

1. The Universe is infinite in both space and time.
2. Space is 3D Euclidean. No other space exists besides that.
3. A vacuum does not exist.
4. The Universe is the product of pre-emptive design.
5. The speed of light, though constant in any medium, is not absolute.
6. Rotation of astrophysical objects, and therefore the structure of systems, is somehow linked to electro-magnetic polarity.
7. In terms of physics and chemistry, Big Bang Theory fails in every key respect.
8. The Standard Solar Model and the standard model for the Solar System are defective in some important areas.
9. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth.
10. The Hubble Law is without basis in fact.
11. Systematic universal expansion is unfounded.
12. Empiricism rules!