What is this blog about? Let me state some assumptions that I make, and you are welcome to comment.

1. The Universe is infinite in both space and time.
2. Space is 3D Euclidean. No other space exists besides that.
3. A vacuum does not exist.
4. The Universe is the product of pre-emptive design.
5. The speed of light, though constant in any medium, is not absolute.
6. Rotation of astrophysical objects, and therefore the structure of systems, is somehow linked to electro-magnetic polarity.
7. In terms of physics and chemistry, Big Bang Theory fails in every key respect.
8. The Standard Solar Model and the standard model for the Solar System are defective in some important areas.
9. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth.
10. The Hubble Law is without basis in fact.
11. Systematic universal expansion is unfounded.
12. Empiricism rules!

5 comments on “The 12 Steps

  1. Khan Muhammad

    I strongly disagree with these:

    2. Space is 3D Euclidean. No other space exists besides that.
    4. The Universe is the product of pre-emptive design.
    9. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth.

    What about quantum mechanics then?
    There can’t be any single pre-emptive design
    Global warming is of course anthropogenic

  2. Skywalker

    Thank you for your comments. Do I address you as Khan or Muhammad? I’m not sure of the protocol.

    Of course, the 12 steps are at least mildly controversial, and were put here to stimulate debate.

    As an empirically-inclined astrophysicist, I (fortunately for me!) do not have to practice quantum mechanics. I accept that it is useful, but it fails the test of logic. Nevertheless, it is not my field, and I shall stay away from it. I have not come across space in 30 years of study that is not 3D Euclidean, nor can I find a plausible theory which shows that non-Euclidean, poly-dimensional (>3D) space exists in reality, accommodating real things.

    Why can there not be pre-emptive design? (I don’t know what you mean by “single”). How can structures replicate themselves without a design template of some kind?

    If global warming was anthropogenic, then we would not have come out of the last ice age. The cycles of climate and the redistribution of thermal flows is an entirely natural, non-human process. See http://www.sepp.org/publications/NIPCC_final.pdf
    and http://www.icecap.us/
    as an introduction.

  3. Khan Muhammad

    Sorry for late. You can address me as Muhammad. I shall try to look through your arguments. Will read your article on Edwin Hubble.

  4. Jan Frejlak

    “The Universe is the product of pre-emptive design” – Wouldn’t it be more consistent with your philosophy to say rather that “The Universe is the product of self design”? I think you (as me also) are nominalist (as I know you treat mathematical ideas as the product of human minds). It fits much better to some kind of pantheism rather then deism of any kind.
    I also want to know if you believe that the Designer was conscious, mental, intentional or this kind of faith is not yours?

  5. Skywalker

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you for your comments. I take your point about self-design, but what I’m wishing to point out is that every replicating process starts with design, then gets to the production line. The egg came before the chicken.
    I do not have scientific evidence of a deity. I am aware of a power greater than myself, and of the essential order in the Universe. I have intuitively reached a state of belief and faith, but prefer not to discuss that in an open forum, and especially not alongside a scientific discussion.
    Kind regards, Hilton

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