How Chemistry Is Found In Almost Everything 

The study of chemistry and the science related to it is majorly interesting. Humans come across chemistry in almost everything in their day-to-day lives and do not realize it. The study impacts our world and all the things existing inside it. However, what are some examples of chemistry found in our everyday lives? 



Here are some ways in which chemistry is found in our world every day. 


The chemistry involved in apparel 

In chemistry, most people study the chemical that is known as Azoic acid, an organic compound. It assists in dying clothing in a sheer coat, making it more effective on thin materials. It is relatively cheap as it does not contain heavy coloring pigments. Another example of a chemical used in dying clothing is Mordent. It is used for more thick materials such as wool. 



Did you know that makeup contained chemicals? Probably not. Makeup is made up of several components that include some of the basic and even complex chemicals. Lead is often used in lipsticks and lip liners to show pigment. So, you may want to consider taking off your lipstick the next you eat food while wearing it. 



Most medicine and drugs mostly include organic compounds that are mixed into other smaller molecules. Some examples include insulin, atorvastatin, and clopidogrel.  These probably sound strange. However, they are needed in the field of pharmacology. 



You guessed it! Chemistry is involved in food. There goes a lot more in cooking than one would have thought. Food items such as rice and cooking oils contain chemicals that produce their form in the way that they are. Chemicals do indeed heavily influence the food humans to consume. 



As discussed, it comes to show that chemistry is involved in a lot more than one would think. It is part of everyone’s life and plays a significant role.